Is Russia getting closer to provoking a conflict with the US?


In the article “A Russian Spy Ship, Armed with Missiles, Sailed Just 30 Miles Off The U.S. Coast This Week” by Daniel Jennings explains just how close Russia is getting to the United States. Off the coast of Groton, Connecticut a spy ship armed with surface-to-air missiles was spotted. Also, just days before Russian warplanes flew over US warships in the Black Sea. Although the ship was considered to be in international waters, it was a little too close for American comfort. Jennings continues by saying that the planes flying over the US ships in the Black Sea was much more nerve racking because they came in “low and fast.” Some believe that the small planes were about 200 feet above the ships. Russia, recently, has violated the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty by deploying nuclear-armed SSC-X-8 cruise missiles. Jennings finishes by explaining that this treaty was signed back when the Soviet Union was still around, meaning that Russian President Vladimir Putin may no longer want to follow Soviet-era treaties.

Most Americans tend to not go out of their little bubble and pay attention to what is happening around the world. They think the world is a perfect place just because their life is going well. This article definitely brought to my attention that our country may not be as safe as we think it is. Although, as said in the article, Russian spy ships were technically in international water, they were still close enough to harm us as a country. Spy missions like this one were common back during the Cold War, which means Russia could be planning something again. I am still left with one question and that is, is the United States ready if Russia plans an attack on us?


One thought on “Is Russia getting closer to provoking a conflict with the US?

  1. Thank you for pulling me out of my bubble Brianna. I was unaware of the news that Russia was that close to American forces. The coincidence is that as America, we flew spy airplanes over Russia after World War II. When I saw that Russia was the provoking country i was not surprised due to our lack of friendship. However the Russian ship had military weaponry on it, making it far more dangerous than our photography planes. The Russians may be taking a heavy approach to threatening the U.S., given their breaking of nuclear laws. I am confused on a why Russia would pull such a stunt, maybe it was an accident.
    “Russia wants the Belt: Facing off Against Back to Back World War Champions” may be appropriate given their want of power in the globe.


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